Linux build released!

The standalone Linux build for OneShot has been released!  If you own the game on itch, you should be able to download it now.

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Ahhh thank you!!!!

Thank you so much :D

Thanks a bunch. Also for me the Itch client downloaded the 32 Win archive by default, could you influence that somehow? At least indicate which build is what because it just says OneShot on the Linux build.

Also the game crashes if I try to press [F1] to configure controls, as the settings menu suggests.

Still does, by the way. With a "Core dumped" complaint in the terminal.

Thanks for the Linux build. Works perfectly. :)

Is it the latest version?

And is the Mac OS version coming to

Yeah, it's the latest version.

? but it's not in the downloads

Looks like it's there to me.

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Whoops, sorry, was responding to the OSX written in the original post, didn't see you were responding to the Linux question (since it seemed to be a two part question)

My bad- I meant OSX isn't among the downloads. Mac, not linux


Thank you for the Linux build.


Thank you! Really glad that you took the time to release it on Itch. This game means a lot to some people and having a drm free linux port is something we were waiting for. Thanks again!


great news for linus players! please make one for mac too :) thank you